Recipe #7 California Roll Salad

Rice Vinegar to taste
Wasabi Powder
Little bit of Lime Juice
Little Agave Nectar
(Mix til you're happy with the taste)

Huck a bunch of baby spinach in a bowl.
Grate a carrot or two on top
Cut some nori into little matchstick sized pieces and toss over the carrots 
Cut slices from an avocado or two and put them in a pretty circle on the top

Mix together 8 oz. crabmeat, some mayo and some wasabi powder, then put this on top of the rest. - Add dressing.

Would I make it again? Sure. At some point. I am on a no-salad kick of late, so it'll be awhile.

Tomorrow I WILL make the Cinnamon Biscuits I've been longing for!

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  1. mmmmm... sounds yummy!! How were the cinnamon biscuits?! I thought of you when I was eating this tonight: http://ajsevall.blogspot.com/2010/01/recipe-11-tomato-sauce-with-onions-and.html

    yummy veggie recipe and very easy too! :)