How exciting - A whole New WORLD!

Okay, so, clearly I'll need to call Susan or some other smart person to figure all of this out, but,
welcome to Shiny Happy Veggies! What could be more thrilling than finding, trying and sharing new recipes?

Well, sharing an island with a shirtless combination of Phil Keoghan with Antonio Banderas's voice, the Dalai Lama's overall wonderfulness, and maybe a little Denzel thrown in for good measure is just one thing I might find more thrilling.

But, my sweet friend Juju suggested I do this whole bloggy thing, so here I am. Your wish is my command, oh great Bee of Jujuness.

I'll post here every so often about how my 10 new veggie recipes per month resolution is going.
I've already tried 3 in 4 days, and am contemplating Cinnamon Biscuits today. I must warn you of one thing... I'm not a full on veggiehead anymore. I was for a decade and I have fallen off the wagon - I can't get over fish. That said, there may be some fish and seafood stuff in the coming days and months, so, sorry in advance to you purists out there.

If you have veggie recipes you LOVE, or want me to try, I hope you'll post them here and I'll try them and report back!

Happy and healthy New year and thanks for the inspiration!


  1. What no chicken recipes?!? lol ;) Love it!! Can't wait to see what you cook! I have some recipes over on my blog - even the beef and chicken ones could be easily converted to fish and/or seafood. I totally think you'll rock the 10 new recipes a month. Happy new year!! :)

  2. Ooooh! I'm a Muse! I have to go add that to my resume!

  3. This is awesomely delish, Kialish!!