Recipe #6 - What's in the House Burritos

So, our fantastically talented chef Ire came over and cooked on Friday, filling the freezer with all sorts of yummy deliciousness. In order to keep up on my resolution, I cooked anyway, making a favorite that takes all of 10 minutes tops...
Roll some tortillas up in foil and warm them in the toaster.
Chop an onion and huck in a little olive oil in a pan. Add Meatless crumbles with a tablespoon or two of Penzey's (or other) Taco Seasoning, and cook til close to done.
Add a can of drained black beans (or pinto or kidney or whatever YOU have at home), a can of drained corn, drained tomatoes with chiles, and a can of chiles. Huck in a handful of baby spinach too. Heat through and stir to mix evenly. Remove from heat.
Add industrial amounts of cheese to one warm tortilla for small cheese-obsessed child. Add a handful to the other tortillas. Spoon in enough of the mixed up stuff from the pan so that, when you attempt to pick the burrito up, it explodes onto the plate. Add sour cream. Add avocado slices. Done.

Would I make them again? Oh yeah. As I am somewhat poor at menu planning, these will happen regularly.

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  1. We do that around here about once a week. A favorite around here! ;)