Recipe #76 - Soy Eggs

In undergrad, my friend Yi Fan used to bring these FABULOUS eggs that her mom made, up to Boulder every so often. They were SO yummy. Well, after not seeing Yi Fan since the 80's, I had the wonderful pleasure of reconnecting with her a little bit ago. So, we got to talking about those eggs and she gave me the recipe, and she EVEN hooked me up with the super-special secret spice packet (it's like a teabag) so I could make them! Thanks, girlie!

12 eggs
A whole bunch of soy sauce
Mirin, if you so desire
1 super secret special spice packet (you can get them at the Asian market - they come in a white wrapper. Each one is in its own little plastic baggie. Here's the tip-off to know you are getting the RIGHT ones: The label says "Spice for Spiced Food."

Anyway, boil the eggs like you normally would. Remove their shells. Add the soy sauce, mirin and spice packet to a pot. All told, it should cover the eggs when you place them in there. Simmer them for as long as it makes you happy. The longer the better. I did 4 hours - I took them out every so often to see if they were a pretty, brown color on the outside. Yi says her mom does them ALL day.

Thanks again to my friend Yi - I ate 6 of them in one sitting and they were just as good as I remember.

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